Hey y’all! I know it’s a little late but at the same time I feel like you can reuse this idea for next Halloween and/or go out and grab a few of these things for future cup cake making blog posts!

Of course I am by no means a chef, or a professional baker – but I love to do and be able to share with you guys some of the simple little fun things that we all probably think are hard and we couldn’t do haha! I do love to bake but I love the easy short cuts that will still kinda wow people! Most things look more complicated than they are after all!

Giving you guys a list of things you need with pictures & links below, snag them + your favorite box cake mix/icing & you are set!

  • Halloween decorations

Candy bones & grave 

Mellowcreme pumpkins

Grass Sprinkles

+ a bag of Oreos, we all know what those look like and where to get them!

  • Cupcake decorating tools

Decorating tips

Decorating bags (they sell rubber bands for these to tie at the end, I use hair ties because obviously I am a hairdress)

Tip coupler

Now that you’ve got all your supplies, it’s time to start decorating! Now I know this all probably looks overwhelming and your probably like “no way can I do this” again, if I can do this you can! TRUST ME! My first few times doing this I would fill my bags with icing and practice doing a spiral (for icing on the cupcake) on a paper plate! IT IS SO MUCH EASIER THEN YOU THINK!

Anyway grab your bag, cut a small hole in the tip, put the silver decorating tip in the top of the tip coupler and put that through the whole you cut in the icing bag (you may have to cut more once it’s on to make it come through), then screw on the bottom of the tip coupler. If my directions seem difficult don’t worry there are picture directions on the box – so follow those lol!! Fill your bag with icing but leave enough room to be able to twist the top and tie it! And ALWAYS make sure you have more icing then anticipated, running out of icing sucks!!!

Once your cupcakes are VERY COOLED start using your icing tips to make your spirals on top (I know this isn’t the correct terminology but whatever lol)! Then place your decorated candy graves on your cupcake, these started to fall back a tad so I placed a toothpick behind them to help keep them up! Then I alternated placing bones on some cupcakes next to the grave or pumpkins!

After that I added a few sprinkles of grass to each cupcake. While in a separate bowl Ryan crushed up some Oreo cookies without the filling, which I then sprinkled closer to the grave and bones!

Viola! THATS ALL! These were so cute and easy, the most complicated part is getting your “spirals” right!

Give me some feedback on wether or not you guys think this was easy to follow and let me know if you’d maybe like to see a thanksgiving cupcake idea?!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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