Y’all!! Is it just me or does the cold weather make getting out of bed a killer!? I AM STRUGGLING!!

Here’s the truth – at the moment I am so totally overwhelmed. The wedding has me crazy overwhelmed, the blog takes up a lot of time that I still haven’t quite figured out how to balance, and Ryan’s wedding present is taking up some time too!

But I gotta pull in the reigns and get it together! This week I’ve started to try to wake up about a hour earlier just to try to get stuff done. My main goal is to eventually get working out and blogging done in the morning so it frees up my time with my family in the afternoon or so I’m not up till midnight trying to get it done and then stuck not being able to wake up!

Here’s some things I ALREADY do to make my morning routine go smoothly and some things I am STARTING to do!

1. Prep for your morning, the night before!

I always, always, set out my clothes the night before. ESPECIALLY if I have a workout plan! This give you nothing else to do but hop out of bed, brush your teeth, throw your clothes on, and go! It’s it’s not a workout, I still set my clothes out for work out at least something that gives me an idea of what I’m wearing!

2. Make a list.

I always have a list of things I need to/try to accomplish everyday. This just gives you a clear vision of what your day needs to look like!

3. Get excited!

Always pick one thing to be excited about that day! Shoot, even if it’s what your having for lunch or dinner! Starting your day off with a good thought can always help!

4. DON’T press snooze.

Something I am currently trying to work on! Tonight I am putting the phone further from me, so I’m forced to just get up!

5. Don’t have a mindless morning!

How many times can I count that I’ve spent way to much time in the morning scrolling through stupid stuff on my phone?! Before you know it you look up and you’ve wasting 30 minutes looking at Instagram memes! What the heck!! Lately I have been intentionally doing things on my to-do list first thing in the morning and then jumping into getting ready with my phone away from me! Guess what? Bet you finish your make-up a billion times faster!

6. Always make the bed.

Maybe this is a personal preference!? Making the bed just starts the day off right pahaha! I don’t know, there’s something about it making the bedroom feel clean/put together & coming home to that as well that puts me in a great mood!

Like I said I’m still working on perfecting some of these things! But when I follow them to a T it sure makes for a better start!

Obviously you have to be realistic about setting your morning goals too! At the moment I am currently starting to try to wake up at 5 AM but I have been for the most part always waking up at 6:30. I know magically waking up a whole hour and a half earlier won’t happen, so I’ve been weaning myself into it by doing like 30 minute increments!

Do you guys have any special morning routines or tricks that make waking up earlier a breeze!? Share them with a sista!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae