When I posted staining my front door planter on my snap story I had a ton of people ask where I found it and what I was staining it with, so, I figured I’d to a blog post and give you all the scoop!

Truth be told I searched for a planter online and around town for a few weeks and didn’t find anything I loved that wasn’t like over $200 bucks (because let’s be honest my mom and dad have always said my special talent was finding the most expensive thing in the room to buy!). I ended up running to Lowe’s in a last stitch effort to not spend that and found the perfect size/look I wanted & of course didn’t love the color, but for $50 I figured I could doctor it up somehow!  I’ve linked it HERE for anyone who has asked!

Recently moving into Ryan’s I’ve discovered the power of white wash (my mans house is gorgeous, but he’s a man and likes manly darker colors, so I’ve had to put my white mark on a few things, I like to think he knew what he was getting himself into) pahaha! I’m telling you I got this stuff from Sherman Williams, I’ve just about thrown it on everything I could and am pretty impressed. I didn’t know how it would do on the fiber glass but it worked out fabulously. I’m telling y’all we’ve put it on wood (obviously), table coasters, vases, like EVERYTHING!

Anyway, I couldn’t find the exact link for the stuff but I have a picture of the messy can I use. It’s pickled white oil stain from their wood classics line. You mix it up real good, take a paper towel, blot it on the surface your staining and then fairly quickly take some kind of  fabric (old t-shirt, or towel) and rub it around/wipe it off till your getting the color your looking for. If you use the paper towel to wipe it, the paper towel falls apart, so go for the fabric! If you just want a light wash one time is good but if you want a more opaque look you can layer after about 4 hours. Side note: be careful with this stuff, it’s called a stain for a reason, it stains concrete front porches too, oops!

below is the side by side – so you can definitely see the difference the white wash makes! I call it a white wash that’s probably not the correct term but that’s what it is to me so we’ll just roll with it!

Another side note for people who ask about the pumpkins, Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s are the place to go! Someone told me dorignacs had white pumpkins and I headed there grabbed a few and was looking at them in my basket like “these suck for $8.99”, so I put them back and was like whatever I’ll spend the extra money at Whole Foods for big pretty white ones! Helllllooooo I get to Whole Foods and they are $6.99! Moral of the story Whole Foods had bigger, prettier, pumpkins for less & dorignacs should be ashamed of themselves  for trying to get inoccent little pumpkin lovers to spend more on crappy pumkins! Pumpkin prices add up when you want a billion covering your porch! Trader Joe’s are the same price & the gray pumpkins are also from whole Foods, they have all kinds of different colors and sizes! I got front porch crazy every year with mums & pumpkins! Though I always seem to kill the mums! For those looking Lowe’s was the only spot I found white ones, Home Depot had a ton of different colored ones as well!

Happy fall porch decorating

XoXo, Chelsey Rae.

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