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Painted Antler Decor…

So I owe the fact that this post is possible to my adorable ex-boyfriend who staying friends with has its perks- he’s fun to look at, I can normally annoy the crap out of him and make him do things when no one else will, he’s BRUTELLY honest with me (which usual backfires on him) and he hunts which means I was able to get this deer antler out of him! See they are all good for somethin’ ; )  

I’ve seen some like this on pintrest and love them, so I decided to copy! All you need is painters tape, with whichever spray paint colors you want. I used gold, white & silver because those are pretty much the colors in my house. I sprayed the whole antler white first, then marked the places I wanted to be gold, left over night and did the same in silver! 

If you look some up, there’s some super cute ones with like mint and gold or even some pink. You can just spray the whole thing gold, which I may even do if I decide it matches a certain room better. 

If your ex-boyfriend doesn’t hunt or you don’t speak to him at all, you can always go on etsy and search dear antler! They have them for like 20-40 bucks depending on the size, or you can just skip the D.I.Y. Thing andddd buy some already painted.

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

A smidge late… Halloween mantle

We’ll keep this one short and sweet since there isn’t really too much to elaborate on but giving you guys a creative little idea…. Every Holiday my favorite thing to decorate is my mantle! October is my absolute favorite month of the year and in turn halloween is my favorite holiday. (Besides christmas & that’s only because who doesn’t love getting loads of presents?!) I may have gotten a little lazy with it this year, but every Destrehan swamp girl knows a little moss can go a longggg way ; )

XoXo, Chelsey Rae