okay, soooo – is it just me or does anyone else feel like socializing with our girlfriends ( or really anyone ) here in good ol’ New Orleans pretty much consists of eating food?! Pahaha! I feel like anytime me and one of my friends get together it’s planned around food! It’s funny because when I’m trying to diet I end up being completely unsocial because I won’t leave the house to go to dinner!

Now your probably thinking just have some self control and go eat with your friends. BUTTTT, I don’t & then that would defeat the whole point of this post!

The other day I met up with my friend Katie. We used to work together & she actually used to babysit me (which we now think is funny because she’s technically only like 3 or 4 years older then me I think, but she was basically there to watch my brother seth who was a psychotic little child and I couldn’t handle him, so, I’d be peace out I’ll be riding my bike around the streets if you need me). Anyways, She’s getting into this whole blogger thing too & with both of us trying to make it in the big blogger world we thought it would be fun to get together and takes some pictures! (P.S.- check her out & giver her a Instagram follow)

Let me just tell you, we had SO much fun! We ran from place to place obviously taking pictures but it was honestly pretty cool to check out some of the new things downtown even if it was just to pop in and move along! We maybe might have ate ice cream but it was totally for picture purposes!

It got me to thinkin’ why not do different things like this with my girlfriends all the time!?

I brainstormed and wanted to share a list of a few ideas I have to save you from eating with your friends pahaha!

• Plan a half day to check out new things in your city

Even if something’s on one end of the city and somethings on another hop in the car and check some things on your list of things you want to see off or even stroll around if it’s a pretty day!

• Clothes swap

Bring some things over to your friends house and swap! Obviously clothes you’ve already worn and are over! Maybe she likes a shirt and you like a dress! Swap em’ out!

• Movie Date

Every month me and my friend Mel try to go see a girlie movie that we know the boys obviously wouldn’t be into! We always have fun & this is so simple and easy to plan!

• Have a beauty night

Head to one of each other’s houses and try out some beauty masks or different beauty products you’ve been wanting to try!

• Get crafty

Pick a craft you both like and get to makin’. Think of something like D.I.Y. painted wine glasses or tumblers!

• Meet for mani’s + pedi’s

This is always a good option that’s easy to plan as well! Pick your place and meet up!

• Wine & cheese night

Head to someone’s house and do a wine & cheese tasting! I mean whoooo doesn’t love cheese? And wine actually?!

if y’all have any other ways y’all bond with your sistaasss leave them in the comments below!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Nina Celie


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