Hey y’all! Happy Sunday! This sista is heading to Vegas currently butttt I wanted to hop on and share a quick little goodie!

Is it just me or do you totally forget you have stuff if it’s not on display?! If my jewelry isn’t somewhere I can see it I won’t wear it because I totally forget about it!!

I have tons of sunglasses – cheap ones 😂 y’all I swear if I buy a pair of expensive sunglasses they are gone in like a month. But the cheap ones? They will stay around for years lol … I think it’s a sunglasses curse I have!

Anyway in an attempt to actually where all these sunglasses (& have somewhere to put them) I found this cute little acrylic sunglass display that’s only $15!

Acrylic Eyeglass Holder | $15

It’s super thin & obviously will go with any type of bathroom decor since it’s acrylic! It’s also super simple to put together!

Here’s a few other views for y’all!

Your welcome for basically giving you and excuse to buy more sunglasses!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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