Hey y’all! We are officially rolling into summer time, which means vacation time, which means I can not control myself with all this cute summer stuff coming out this year! …. literally I need help, or a straight jacket or something, someone take my wallet away!!

Anyway, I compiled all my favorite goodies I’ve got/seen so far and put them right here together with these easy sliders! I have everything you need to get vacation ready! Swimsuits, cover-ups, shoes, accessories & so on!

Scroll through the sections and click on the thing you love to be brought directly to it!

p.s. – a lot of the swimsuits on here I have already purchased, so if you have any questions about the fit, feel free to ask!






Like I said, if y’all have any questions at all let me know! If ordering from shein I always, always, size up on bathing suits! Maybe it’s just me and my bootys just big, but if I don’t the bottoms are always too tight!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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