Okay so this post is a little weird but trust me everyone I’ve told about these things is OBSESSED, I have been using these for YEARS, they are THE BEST and I’m clearly REALLY passionate about them hahaha! Everyone that knows me knows I’m not lacking in the chest department, let’s just throw that out there! As much as everyone thinks they would love big boobs, people that have them think they are a pain in the booty! They are more of a freakin complication then anything, when I buy certain clothes I’ll probably have to buy a size bigger and get it altered. Those cute flowy shirts everyone buys, I don’t unless I’m trying to look like I’m 500 pounds, not fun. Bathing suit tops are a literal NIGHTMARE. If I wear something too tight or low cut I look like a skank, so scratch that too. And I have to wear a bra literalllllllyyyyy 24/7 and I’m talking eat, breath, and sleeeeeeep in one because I’m convinced that’s how your boobs stay nice, lol I’m justttttt sayingggg!

Basically I’m jealous of all my friends with normal A-Cs that can look adorable in every type of outfit and wear strapless bikinis without a problem or my girls with fake ones that never have to wear a bra (like I hate yall type jealous).

So enough about how we always want the opposite of what we have, the only exception to my 24/7 bra rule is duhhh, a Saturday night! Hahha! No seriously, it’s that and if I obviously have a outfit where I can’t wear one!


These covers are the best, those petals don’t do it for me because I feel like you can see the outline of them in any shirt, and those sticky backless bras with the clip in front never stay on, not to mention they make you look weird in my opinion. I found these originally in target when I was in high-school! Then they stopped selling them and I’ve had to hunt them down on Amazon! They are made by Fashion Forms I love these because they give WAY more coverage then the pedals do, they come out more and as they round out, the ends get thinner and just blend with your skin. I’m telling you, you never see a outline of these! The color is literally so perfect, that you can wear it under any color shirt, even white and not see them. They are so smooth and I have never had a problem with them slipping or loosing their stick when wearing them. Since they have a no stick center these things don’t kill you when you take them off either, which is a plus in my book ; ) I order like 2 at a time and normally can get about 10-15 uses out of them. When you take them off you just rinse them with some warm water and let them dry sticky side up over night.

Basically what we’ve learned here is. everyone needs a pair! Your welcome!

Chelsey Rae

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