Hey guys! Excited to finally get this post up! Listing all the things we have been loving and using DAILY for the baby!

There is so many things people say you need or things they say make your life easier with a newborn! I found it so helpful to read peoples blogs that told you what they were using that I wanted to get one up for y’all! Listing all items below with descriptions!

Diaper Caddy | $39

Diaper caddy is a must! So easy to grab to take or keep in any room and comes with foldable changing mat! Obviously when baby is first born they are probably sleeping in your room in some sort of bassinet! The first few weeks I kept this on my nightstand because it was so easy to throw the mat on the bed and change him in the middle of the night during feedings!

Activity Gym | $69

Newborns focus on black and white! Cooper has loved the high contrast gym and its great for yummy time!

Formula Dispenser |$200

This is one of our MOST FAVORITE things we have! It’s like a coffee maker but for bottles! Literally makes a bottle in 2.5 seconds!!! AMAZING especially when you have a screaming baby in the middle of the night!

Newborn lounger | $32

Love this and so does the baby! So easy to carry into any room and it almost makes them lay kinda scrunched up if that makes sense, so I think that makes them feel comfortable like they were in your belly!

Owlet smart sock & monitor | $399

Highly recommend for piece of mind while baby sleeps at night, to give piece of mind while you sleep!

Baby Bath Sink Pad | $39

So easy to be able to stand and bath him in any sink in the house until he gets a little bigger!! Love the side petals for supporting him!

Bouncer Seat | $199

Cooper’s definitely a little movement baby! This thing is so easy to put them in and bounce with your foot while you do something like makeup or fold clothes!

Bottle sterilizer and steamer | $99

Makes bottle cleaning ridiculously easy!

Baby shusher | $35

They call this a miracle and it really is!! Baby’s love the sound of this and it totally soothes them when crying!! The size makes it so easy to throw in or by their carseat, stroller or even in their crib!

Baby head support/shaper | $19

Got this for cooper while he takes his naps, this helps prevent flat head! I only use while he’s being supervised and it’s great because it’s machine washable if need be! Comes in a few different colors!

Bandanna bibs | $18

Set of 8 – love these bibs because they can be two different adjustable sizes and have been the only type of bib that fits his little neck! To be honest I wouldn’t recommend the white because the formula stains, but it does the job, not like he walks around in the bib!

Night light | $20

Have raves about this light since before baby was born if you’ve followed for a while! It works with your touch/tap, can be super dim or super bright and can be taken off pad and walked with! Also has a warm or bright light setting! We love it when feeding at night to keep the room dark and cooper drowsy!

Changing Pad | $70

Loved this for the color and texture! So easy to wipe off instead of worrying about washing a changing pad cover!

If you guys have any questions about any products I am happy to help!

Just shoot me a message!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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