Happy Thursday people! I think I’m finally getting back in the swing of things after a few days off from the holidays! That’s not to say it hasn’t been hard getting out of bed the past few mornings haha! This extra cold weather makes you want to stay all snuggled up in bed! Or is it just me being lazy?!

With all this cold weather comes every opportunity to break out all the warm and cozy stuff! Enter – over the knee boots! I actually went a little crazy on Black Friday and ended up buying tons of boots that I have been waiting to share with you guys!! I’ve wanted to get with a photographer and take some outfit shots but with my face still healing and the holidays it’s been hard, so I’m like screw it! Here’s a mirror selfie! According to the feedback I get from you guys you could care less what the picture looks like as long as there’s some beneficial outfit tagging lol! Works for me!

I love over the knee boots! They not only look fab but it’s a extra layer on your leg to keep you warm! That’s a win, win! My only frustration with them is the ones that don’t stay up! I was very into ordering these boots and testing their stay up power for you guys lol I got really frustrated last year (or the year before, I can’t remember) when a ton of bloggers and boutiques were making such a big deal out of the Chinese laundry OTK boots. I got them in THREE colors and they DO NOT stay up! They bunch up the second I walk two steps and I look like I’m wearing boots from my junior year in high school! I’m here to be real about the clothes and the fit and had someone actually filled me on that I maybe would have gone for my gotta have it color and not went crazy buying three. Because they are super cute!!! I can’t lie, I still wear them and pull them up after every two steps! And, of course everyone has a different thigh and leg, so maybe that isn’t the case for everyone. But, I’m just saying. I find they slip!

So, with all that being said. I’ve done my homework and am sharing my ABSOLUTE faves with you guys + some I have my eye on! Let’s get right into it ….

LuLus | $99

This pair right here. I CAN NOT. My all time FAVORITE over the knee. HANDS DOWN! Can you tell I’m passionate about this? lol I am so serious! They stay up! They don’t bunch! They hit at the perfect spot!! They are 100% worth $99 any day of the week! Even the reviews can vouch for it! They are not heeled but I kinda like that because I can wear them for more casual looks. And to be honest, they are pretty high up on the thigh so a heel could make them look skanky! Just saying!

Steve Madden |$49

I purchased these for my gray boot. LOVE THEM! They hit right above the knee and again. Don’t slip! Great price point!

Marc Fisher | $114

These are a bit more pricey but, worth it! LOVE THEM. This was my brown boot of the season! They stay up well and I love the size of the heel because it’s not too much!

Treasure & Bond | $49

Love all these colors! These are on sale right now! 50% off on Nordstrom! I love how these are the same fabric everywhere! The heel isn’t wood so it’s not making your eye focus on a different detail! They also don’t have a tie meaning they will stay up on their own!

Steve Madden | $99

Do not have. HEAVILY have my eye on. I LOVE THIS COLOR. I actually kinda need this color because I don’t have. They look like they would stay up because they don’t have a tie. Those types tend to have a more of an elastic-y top which = no to little slip.

Steve Madden | $64

Love these. Probably buying them right after I finish this blog post! I can’t help myself! I love the color and I can tell I’d love the fit! They are on sale at Nordstrom for this price! Good find!

Chinese Laundry | $99

Including these since they are what’s in the picture. Ya know how I feel about them CLEARLY. However, I still torture myself and wear them because they are really cute. Whatever lol!

Linking a bunch of cute other OTK boots in the slider below! I am also linking some sweaters like the one pictured!

I love to pair OTK boots with some CLASSIC black leggings and a big ol’ comfy sweater! Although it may make you look like your 300 pounds! It is soooo warm and comfy (this is also a great combo for going to grab dinner because it’s an all you can eat outfit 😂 y’all know it’s so true!). Of course OTK always looks great with jeans and sweater, a cute skirt, and even the right type of dress/sweater dress! I tend to go for a more loose fitting dress if that’s the case because a tight dress + OTK = Julia Roberts on the corner in Pretty Woman. Of course that is always a classic, but only on Halloween!

If y’all have ANY questions about any that I’ve purchased let me know! And if y’all get any y’all have to let me know too!





P.S. – I tend to size up with any type of boot, because, SOCKS!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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